Have you met my kids?

Tomorrow is the day. I will wake up, get ready for work, and drive right passed that little market that screams “energy sold here!” In theory it’s a fantastic idea. I mean energy drinks are bad for you right? Well yes, they are but have you met my kids?

I love my kids more than anything but I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept in 11 years. Some days I’m not even sure how I’m upright. Since I plan to talk about them a lot I thought I should introduce you to them. Let’s start with the oldest.

Dominic is eleven going on teenager. He can’t wait to grow up an make his own rules. He’s a super creative kid who loves reading and making comics. He has autism but he doesn’t let them stop him. He works harder than any kid I know. I’ve learned so much from him. He’s a Grade A pain in the ass but so are the other two. He loves Disneyland and video games and wants to be a vlogger someday.

Ukiah is a four year old ball of energy, seriously I don’t think this kid ever really gets tired. He’s super smart and is constantly surprising me with the things that come out of his mouth. He has a fantastic imagination and is the loviest kid you’ll ever meet. Like his brother he loves Disney and gaming. He wants to grow up to be a doctor someday.

Last but not least is Alice. She just turned one this October is the most fascinating little girl I’ve ever met. She’s also a real spitfire with a fierce attitude. She definitely knows what she wants. She recently started walking which has been an adventure. She is so strange but in a wonderful way and it’s been exciting watching her discover new things. She loves her brothers and they adore her. I have no doubt they will always protect her. I’m excited for our trip to Disneyland in December with her being a bit older. It’s going to be great watching her take it all in.

Being a parent is my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Watching these guys turn into their own person is and will be an amazing and exhausting. Special shout out to Nos energy drinks and coffee. I couldn’t do this without you guys! Thanks for sticking around and reading about my littles, I hope you’ll hit that follow button and be around for my next post.

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